Shifting Image Times with GeoSetter

DJI will timestamp images base on the time source (iPad, cell phone, etc) being used by the app that is connected to the aircraft during flight.  This time source can sometimes be erroneous and can lead to issues when trying to process in ASPSuite with incorrect image times.  This issue usually occurs with the first flight, with the following flights having the correct time stamps.

There seems to be an issue though, where the correct time is either not being used by the iPad, or the updated time is not being communicated to the drone. This seems to occur most often when traveling across time zones, or after the drone and iPad have not been used for a long period of time. Cycling the power on the drone seems to correct this issue, which is why it usually only occurs on the first flight. All subsequent flights usually get updated with the correct time. If you power on the drone and connect to the iPad, then cycle the power of the drone before the first flight of the day, it should help you avoid this issue.

This document describes the process for shifting the image times using GeoSetter.

Shifting Image Times with GeoSetter


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