ASPSuite: Error: No external camera events found!


During step 4 of the workflow there is an ASPSuite notification stating, “Error: No external camera events found!”.

No External Camera Events Found

Probable Resolution #1:

Verify that you’ve used the correct Loki MEP workflow.

Probable Resolution #2:

When using the DJI USB Cable workflow it is important to remember that you need to download the applicable DAT file(s) from the Phantom 4 Pro or M200v1/M210 (Not M200v2) drones separately using the DJI Assistant 2 software, otherwise, otherwise you won’t see them in the flat file explorer window. And then be sure to add them to the Rover tab of the flight information (See image below).  We recommend that one always use the Auto-select button to choose the correct SBF and or DAT files when setting up your flight in ASPSuite.

Rover Tab: DAT Files

Probable Resolution #3:

For DAT work flow the mission must be planned and flown using DJI GS Pro as the flight planning app.  Other flight planning apps will not provide the necessary information needed by ASPSuite.


Probable Resolution #4:

For the Inspire 2 with personality cable, this error message can be caused by a failure to record events in the SBF file.  If the cable was not connected properly, the photo events will not be recorded during flight.  Use the article “Verifying Number of External Events Recorded by Loki” to confirm if events were not recorded.

If the mission was flown with GS Pro, the data may be recoverable using the instructions outlined in our article “Recovering Missing Inspire 2 Events with DAT workflow.”

To avoid this issue in the future, be sure to take a pre-flight photo while the aircraft is still on the ground and verify the GNSS light is flashing when the photo is taken.  If it does not, use the article “GNSS Green Light does not flash when taking manual photos” to correct this issue and take another ground photo.  


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