Downloading DJI Log files (DAT file) From Your Aircraft

To download the DJI log file (DAT file) from your aircraft, you will need to use the following steps:

  1. Connect your aircraft to your computer with USB cable that was provided with your aircraft.  For Inspire 2 and M200/210, be sure the switch near the USB port is set to “Computer”.
    • Phantom 4 Pro – Micro USB
    • M200/210 – USB A
  2. Power on the aircraft.
  3. Open DJI Assistant 2. (You will need to download this if it is not already installed)
  4. Wait for the aircraft to connect.  Click on the aircraft under Connected Devices.
  5. Select Flight Data from the menus items on the left of the screen.
  6. Click Confirm when prompted.
  7. The DJI FLY LOG (H:) should now be visible as a drive on your file explorer.
  8. Click on the drive and the DAT files should now be visible.
  9. Copy the DAT file corresponding to your flight and save it to your computer.
  10. You can now import this file into ASPSuite for processing.

It is often easier to copy all of the DAT files from the flight date and allow ASPSuite to auto-select the DAT file corresponding to the image times.


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