True View Camera Exposure Override

Some scenarios may require you to change the default camera exposure settings. For instance, if you are planning to fly with low light conditions. The steps below explain how to change the Camera Exposure settings for the following sensors: mdLiDAR1000UHR, mdLiDAR1000UHR Lite, and mdLiDAR1000LR.

Step 1 – Create a file named md_camera.conf that defines the camera exposure.

Step 2 – Open md_camera.conf with Notepad or similar.

Step 3 – Write the exposure with the following format

Exposure: 500

Step 4 – Copy md_camera.conf to the UMS

Step 5 – The next time you initialize the sensor, the camera exposure will be overridden.

We recommend keeping the camera exposure at the default value of 1/1000 secs. If needed, we recommend 1/500 secs for cloudy days and 1/1000 secs for sunny days.

If you have already completed a flight and your photos are dark, please review the article on Dark Photos.


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