Agisoft Metashape v2.x Floating License Activation Procedure

Applies only to PhotoScan/Metashape v2.x. For Metashape v1.x please see this post.

To activate a Metashape floating license you will need to have your Agisoft Metashape floating license activation key.

To configure Metashape v2.x Floating Licenses on the Server:

  1. If upgrading from a node-locked Metashape license you will first need to deactivate the node-locked license before receiving your floating license server key.
  2. Activation of a new floating license server for Agisoft Metashape requires configuring the Agisoft Floating License Server (FLS) and then configuring client machines to see the licenses on the Agisoft FLS as described in these instructions.–metashape-2-x-floating-license-activation-procedure
  3. To run the floating license server as a service you’ll need to follow these additional steps:–metashape-2-x-how-to-run-license-server-as-a-system-service
  4. Adding more licenses to an existing FLS only requires starting at step three if you are already running an Agisoft FLS:–metashape-2-x-floating-license-activation-procedure

Configure the Client: 

  1. Download the latest release of Metashape Pro v2.x. from, select your operating system in the Professional Edition
  2. Install Metashape Pro on the client machine.
  3. Follow these steps in–metashape-2-x-linking-client-machine-to-the-license-server to configure the licenses if they’re not automatically being recognized by Metashape on the Client machine.
  4. In general, the floating license is only available when connected to the license server, but it is possible to borrow a license for offline use. work:

Additional Information:

You can find installation instructions in the Agisoft Metashape Professional Edition User Manual here:

Please note the license includes free updates up to version 2.x.x and one year of e-mail based technical support by us, Support after the first year can be contacted at

You can visit the Tutorials page to learn some standard processing workflows. Some useful tips also can be found on the Tips & Tricks page

Note: It is necessary to deactivate the license before re-installing or installing a new OS or changing hardware components. In addition, the license should be deactivated in order to be transferred to another computer. To deactivate the license please follow these instructions: How to transfer floating license server to a new machine? : Helpdesk Portal (


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