Dark photos with a TrueView sensors


My TrueView or microdrones payload collected dark photos on a day with low natural light (early morning, late afternoon or a cloudy day). What can I do to solve the issue?

Picture showing dark photos from a flight
Photos taken with a mdLiDAR1000UHR payload on a day that was cloudy.
Picture showing the camera settings
Camera settings.

When reviewing the quality of the photos, it is a good practice to check the settings of the camera during the flight. If the ISO is 1600 and the photos are dark, this means that the default settings of the camera are not good enough for the light condition of your flight.

In this article we provide solutions for both issues, if you already collected data and/or if you are planning a flight in low light conditions.

Probable Resolution #1:

The flight was already performed, and the images are very dark. What can I do? There are 2 options:

  1. Leave the photos as they are, most photogrammetry software can auto adjust the color of the images before generating the orthomosaic. In this case, is recommended to raise the GSD of the orthophoto, since the image smear (blurriness) may be high.
  2. Use a 3rd party software and auto adjust the colors. This will improve the photos and provide something useful to identify features with the Image Explorer and with the colorization of the point cloud. Software like IrfanView can perform this task.

Probable Resolution #2

I am planning to fly in low light conditions. Can I change the settings of the camera?
Please visit the article to override the camera exposure.


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