Converting Leica Files to RINEX

Base station files must be in the RINEX format to be used by True View EVO. If you have manufacturer generated formats straight off the receiver, they will not work. Converting Leica m00 files to RINEX can be done using a utility installed by EVO. Simplify the process by creating a simple batch file that can be reused. Open a blank notepad and paste these two lines in:

“C:\Program Files\Common Files\LP360\teqc.exe” +out “%1.obs” “%1”

Save the file as leica_teqc_convert.bat and ensure file is named .bat and not .bat.txt. You may need to enable show file extension in Windows Explorer to see the full name. This option is on the View tab of Windows Explorer.

Once the batch file is saved you can drag-and-drop a m00 file on top of the batch file and it should generate an .obs file of the same name in the same location as you

Batch converting Leica m00 files to RINEX
Converting Leica Files to RINEX

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