Applanix PP-RTX

In LP360 Drone, formerly TrueView EVO, the user has a number of options for post-processing the trajectory solution for a TrueView 3DIS. Applanix PP-RTX is one method that requires no local base station, is independent of CORS networks, and produces centimeter level accuracy globally.

Figure 1 – POS Post-Processing Options

What is Real-Time EXtended (RTX) & Post-processed RTX (PP-RTX)?

In the middle of 2011 Trimble introduced the CenterPoint RTX real-time positioning service providing centimeter accurate positions for global real-time applications. The corrections containing real-time precise orbit, clock and other information are transmitted to the rover via satellite or Internet. The error sources such as satellite orbit, satellite clock, atmospheric delays are modeled at the rover location. The advanced software algorithms running on the rover receiver and satellite motion allow the position to quickly converge to an integer carrier phase solution. All broadcasted corrections are derived from global network of Trimble base stations. Using the precise data derived from the real-time CenterPoint RTX system, a new high-accuracy post-processed RTX-Aided inertial processing method has been developed for POSPac MMS, enabling robust, cm level positioning to be achieved for mobile mapping without reference stations. See the technical note from Applanix for more detail.

PP-RTX Specifications

Availability 1h after Mission
Horizontal Accuracy <3cm
Vertical Accuracy <6cm
Mission Duration

Standard RTX: 30 min for full accuracy

Fast RTX: 10 min

Where are the Fast RTX regions?

Trimble has been updating the FAST RTX regions since the technical note was composed. The latest coverage can be found on the Trimble Global Coverage Maps.

True View Operational Considerations

In areas where Fast RTX is not available, PP-RTX will not be a viable post-processing option if your drone does not allow for longer than 20 minute flights or you did not collect enough static data on either side of your flight to give you a T04 file over 20 minutes in length. Use the Trimble GNSS Augmentation Planner (TGAP) to see the best post-processing suggestion. 


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