CueTip – Integrating Python Scripts in GeoCue

Python scripts offer a convenient method for integrating custom scripts into a GeoCue workflow. To facilitate calling a Python script from a GeoCue checklist step there is a command in the GeoCue library called PythonSurrogate.exe. The PythonSurrogate executable is installed in the GeoCue Client install folder as part of the normal GeoCue installation routine, no separate install is required. PythonSurrogate takes a Python script name as the first parameter on the command line followed by any additional parameters required by the script.

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Note: GeoCue determines the version and location of Python from a couple of registry entries. It first looks for the registry key “HKLM\Software\Python\PythonCore”. If that is not present, then it looks for the key “HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Python\PythonCore”. Once the ‘Python\PythonCore’ registry key has been located, it tries to retrieve the Python location off the subkey called, “InstallPath”. If there are multiple versions of Python installed, the highest version is given the preference. For example, if the subkeys 2.5, 3.2, 3.4 are found under Python\PythonCore, GeoCue will try to retrieve the location of Python in the order 3.4, 3.2, and then 2.5. Once the python location is determined by retrieval of an existing “InstallPath” subkey then it looks for the “python.exe” in the given location. Modifying the registry keys appropriately can enable a user to specify which version of Python they wish GeoCue to use for processing.



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