CueTip – Using ‘PathChanger’ to Move a GeoCue Warehouse

The GeoCue software suite uses local data repositories or ‘warehouses’ to store all geospatial data for a project. A warehouse is essentially a shared network storage location accessible to all users.  Warehouse locations are set-up and managed by the GeoCue Administrator using the ‘Database Manager’ tool. The GeoCue Server can reference multiple warehouses spread across different network locations. A GeoCue user specifies the specific warehouse location to use when creating a project and when creating individual layers within a project. Project data can be spread across multiple warehouses; data from a single layer must be stored in a single warehouse.

This technical note covers using the ‘PathChanger’ tool to move all or part of an existing warehouse to a new location (for example when replacing old network storage drives). The actual physical move of the warehouse needs to be done outside GeoCue by manually copying the old warehouse (or portions thereof) to the new location or by moving the existing storage media to a new machine. PathChanger is then used to update the references in the GeoCue SQL database to re-point the existing references to the projects/layers/data to the new warehouse location.   PathChanger can also be used to simply rename an existing warehouse.

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