DMC images hang running RPP


DMC images submitted by GeoCue for dispatch processing will hang running RPP and will not complete processing. Running the process locally shows ZIPPS RPP running with the message “Waiting for new client”. Cancelling out the process may present the message “Unable to load odbcji32.dll”.

Running the same images in ZIPPS PPS directly results in the error message “Unable to load odbcji32.dll”.

Probable Resolution:

A Windows update, likely an Office update, has placed a registry entry causing Office to think it is a 64-bit installation instead of a 32-bit installation interfering with ZIPPS ability to open the Access database. Usually this occurs because Windows is detecting that the MS DB Reader needs to be updated, and in the Windows update there may have been some 64-bit Office components although the MS Access DB Reader is 32-bit.  If these 64-bit components get installed and the workstation is rebooted a key is added to the registry indicating that you have a 64-bit Office installation.  So if you then open a Microsoft Office application such as Word you will see a reconfiguration happening because the registry is telling the system that this needs to happen.  Look for and delete the registry key that may have been installed .



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