Maximum Loaded Entity Count Exceeded


Attempting to run a process in GeoCue that needs to create a new entity in the database and the process results in an “Unhandled Exception” stating, “Maximum Loaded Entity Count Exceeded”.

Probable Resolution:

The error message indicates that you have exceeded the maximum entity count setting that you have set for your server. Once that occurs you will be unable to create new entities in the system via any means until the limit is increased or some of the loaded entities are flushed. To see or modify the setting you must be a GeoCue Administrator. In your GeoCue Client go to Setup->Options->GeoCue and look at the Admin tab.

GeoCue Client Options Admin Tab

GeoCue Client Options Admin Tab

The maximum loaded entity count represents the maximum number of entities that the server may load into memory at any one point in time.  Note that the maximum entity count should be set small enough such that  entities will get removed from memory before the memory footprint size of the RephostGUI.exe on your server becomes too large to function properly.  That limit depends on the available memory on your GeoCue Server machine. However, you will also want to have it set large enough to accommodate the maximum number of entities to facilitate speed of the system.  If you’re working in a lot of large projects you may need to frequently flush entities for a project after you have finished using a layer that contained a number of entities. Note that entities will only flush if they are not open or in use on any client machines in the system.


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