Downloading Data for Phantom 4 RTK – PPK Processing in ASPSuite

Downloading Flight Data

The following steps provide instructions for downloading your flight data for Phantom 4 RTK processing in ASPSuite.

1. Remove the SD card from the aircraft and insert into your laptop.

2. The SD card will contain two folders:

  • DCIM
  • Survey

3. The Survey folder will contain the data recorded during the planned mission. The survey folder will be subdivided into flight folders.

  • Each flight folder will contain images, an .obs file, and an .MRK file that were captured during flight.
  • Each time the aircraft is powered on and off, a new folder will be created. So, a mission that requires 3 flights, will produce 3 folders inside of the survey folder.

4. If capturing data with D-RTK 2 or VRS corrections, the images can be imported directly into PhotoScan or Pix4D for processing. See RTK Flight Type in ASPSuite.

5. If capturing Phantom 4 RTK data for PPK processing, see our ASPSuite User Guide for PPK processing.


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