Downloading Data for Phantom 4 RTK – PPK Processing in ASP Suite

Downloading Flight Data

The following steps provide instructions for downloading your flight data for Phantom 4 RTK processing.

1. Remove the SD card from the aircraft and insert into your laptop.

2. The SD card will contain two folders:

  • DCIM
  • Survey

3. The Survey folder will contain the data recorded during the planned mission. The survey folder will be subdivided into flight folders.

  • Each flight folder will contain images, an .obs file, and an .MRK file that were captured during flight.
  • Each time the aircraft is powered on and off, a new folder will be created. So, a mission that requires 3 flights, will produce 3 folders inside of the survey folder.

4. If capturing data with D-RTK 2 or VRS corrections, the images can be imported directly into PhotoScan or Pix4D for processing. See RTK Flight Type in ASPSuite.

5. If capturing data for PPK processing, see our ASPSuite User Guide for PPK processing.


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