Edit ShapeFile Attributes in LP360 Standalone

Beginning with version 2017.1 of LP360, users have the capability to edit the attributes (Add fields and values) of shapefiles. In LP360, fields are added/removed via the Schema Editor and values modified using Feature Analyst:

Right-click on Layer

The Schema editor is used to manage the fields of the shapefile, hence it is used to add/remove fields:

Schema Editor

A new field can be added by pressing the green cross button. This opens the Add Schema Field dialog, in which the name of the new field is established, as well as the type of field it will be (Text, Integer, Double, Date, or Boolean). Field properties can also be specified, such as character lengths and precision.

New Field Added

Once the new field is added, the user can directly edit the values of the editable fields within the Feature Analyst dialog.

Feature Analyst


If no new field is required, simply change attribute values in the Feature Analyst tool. Double-click to edit a field, or multi-select fields using control or shift, and right-click to open the multi field editor.


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