TrueViewEVO.exe – Entry Point Not Found

TrueView Evo has now become LP360 Drone. While the functionality of the software remains in place, updating from TrueView Evo 2022.1.39.0 to LP360 Drone 2022.1.60.0 requires the removal of Evo before installing LP360. If this is not done properly, it could lead to an error message stating “TrueViewEvo.exe – Entry Point Not Found“; “The Procedure Entry Point…“:

"TrueViewEvo.exe - Entry Point Not Found"; "The Procedure Entry Point...
TrueViewEvo.exe – Entry Point Not Found“; “The Procedure Entry Point…

Probable Resolution #1:

Uninstall TrueView Evo and LP360 Drone, then reinstall LP360 Drone 2022.1.60.0.

This is part of the upgrade process outlined in the LP360 Software Update Guide.

For new installations, or troubleshooting tips, please see the full Installation Guide.


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