ERROR 000816: The tool is not valid

Note: While the Arctoolbox tools are still an option within the product, the introduction of LAS File Analyst in v2018.1 and the ReProject/Shift LAS PCT in v2017.1, the new tools provide more efficient and robust tools and are now the recommended tools to use.


When you try to run one of the LP360 Arctoolbox tools, such as the “Define LAS Projection”, you encounter an error saying the tool is not valid (ERROR 000816).

Probable Resolution:

If you have installed the 64-bit GeoProcessing extension it cannot run the 32-bit LP360 tools. ArcGIS does not seem to be able to know when to run a tool in the built-in 32-bit GeoProcessing or the 64-bit extension. You will need to disable the background processing in the GeoProcessing options in order to be able to use the LP360 toolbox tools.



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