Error Starting GeoCue

While attempting to open the GeoCue Client you get an Error Starting Geocue dialog box that says “The GeoCue Server did not respond”. In the box is a list of four things to verify:

Fig. 1: Error Starting GeoCue

Please verify the standard four issues as shown in the message.

  1. Can you ping the GeoCue Server by name (Server Name) and by IP (Server IP) from the Client machine and does the ping by name return the same IP?
  2. Is the GeoCue Server service running? (Check through Windows Services)
  3. In the GeoCue event log on the GeoCue Server is there an entry after the machine reboot that shows “Repository Initialized” and no warning or error messages following that entry? (Windows Event Viewer)
  4. Is the SQL Server instance running? Can you connect to it using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio as the GeoCue Service user? If so, can you expand the GeoCue database? Can you return values from the dbo.GCVersion table by right-clicking on it and selecting “Select Top 1000 Rows”? What are they?

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