Executing task(s) failed (8690)


Receive an error message, “Executing task(s) failed (8690)” while trying to execute a Point Cloud Task.

LP360 Error
Executing task(s) failed. (8690)
Exception Information:
HRESULT: 0x80004005
Unable to retrieve extended COM error information.

This is a catch all error message that generally occurs when something caused the PCT to fail in its execution.

Probable Resolution #1:

Verify the parameters for the desired point cloud task correspond with the loaded data and desired execution method. Are the outputs correctly specified as valid folder or file locations, as applicable.

Probable Resolution #2

Description: Interface not supported (9976). 

  1. Check the disk space of the Windows temp folder on the machine performing the task to ensure it has enough space to write required temp or other files before they are copied to the output location.
  2. Verify the output location in the PCT is set correctly. Verify if a folder or file is supposed to be specified, and that is indeed the case in your PCT settings.

Probable Resolution #3:

Description: Cannot process points with different point formats.

This error message references the fact that LAS files with different PDRF formats are present on the same LAS layer. This normally shouldn’t happen, but can occur if the user adds additional LAS files with a different PDRF format(s) to an existing LAS layer using the “Add Files…” option on the LAS files tab. This option is not generally recommended for this reason. If additional files need to be added, use the Add data button from the LP360 toolbar. This will give the user a notification that attempted import files have a different point format than the current files in the layer.

The user can recover from this state by updating the PDRF format for specific LAS files on the layer. Verify the PDRF status using LAS File Analyst. Once the user has isolated which files have a different PDRF version, a new copy can be created to change the PDRF format to match the remaining files using the Export LIDAR Data option. After the PDRF formats match for all LAS files in a layer, the user will be able to run various LP360 tasks on this layer, such as export.

Additionally, it is highly recommended to view our Deciphering the Combability Group article to gain a better understanding of different potential formats and help avoid compatibility issues in the future.


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