How to add a custom WMS layer of FAA Sectional Charts in LP360

The following steps outline how to add a custom WMS layer of FAA Sectional charts to LP360 or True View EVO. Follow the link for more information on WMS layers in LP360.


  1. Select add WMS layer from the LP360 tool bar
  1. In the WMS Basemaps dialog select the Custom WMS Layer Manager icon
  1. in the Add WMS Layer Window select the WMS Manager button
  1. Select the Add… button within the WMS Manager Window
  1. Enter an appropriate name for your layer in the Local Name/Alias, for example “FAA Sectional Charts“.
  2. Enter the following URL into the WMS Server URL:
  3. Select your desired chart and move it to the SelectedLayers: menu
Image showing how to edit the WMS layer for the FAA Sectional Charts
Add WMS Layer Entity
  1. Select the appropriate coordinate system for your chart selection.
  2. Select OK then in the WMS manager Window select the newly created layer and select OK again.
  3. In the WMS layer window Select OK.
  4. Close the WMS Base Map window and your WMS Layer should now be in your layers window.
Custom WMS: FAA Sectional Charts

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