Frame CuePac User Guide

About this Document

Welcome to the Frame CuePac User Guide. This guide provides background on using GeoCue to manage Leica Geosytems’ FramePro image processing software in a GeoCue managed workflow. This workflow may include from 1 to n nodes for FramePro processing. If you are using distributed processing, you may want to refer to the GeoCue Command Dispatch System Administrator’s Guide for configuring your system. The reader of this document is expected to be familiar with the basic GeoCue processing system. For information on GeoCue itself, please refer to the GeoCue User Guide.




  1. Creation of a new project
  2. Importing a FramePro project
  3. The ‘Import FramePro’ Dialog
  4. After the “Import”
  5. Processing the strip / line entity(s)
  6. Processing the photocenter entity(s)
  7. Image Enhancement
  8. Creation of ‘ISPM Project Files’
  9. Processing the “developed” photo(s)

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