GeoCue Project Dashboard User Guide

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Welcome to the GeoCue Project Dashboard User Guide. The reader of this document is expected to be familiar with the basic GeoCue processing system. For information on GeoCue itself, please refer to the GeoCue User Guide.


1 Introduction

2 A General Overview of Project Dashboard

3 Viewer Role
3.1 Project View
3.1.1 Updating Phases
3.2 Project Phases
3.2.1 Linked Phase
3.2.2 External Phase
3.2.3 Group Phase
3.3 Status View
3.3.1 Icon Descriptions
3.3.2 Gauges
3.4 View Role Toolbar
3.5 Selecting Projects
3.6 Alternate View Modes
3.6.1 Variance Mode
3.6.2 Projected Variance Mode
3.6.3 Schedule Mode
3.6.4 External Financial System Mode 
3.7 Setting Ranges for Alternate View Modes
3.8 Tabular Data
3.8.1 Project Summary Phase Information
3.8.2 Group Phase Information
3.8.3 External Phase Information
3.8.4 Linked Phase Information 

4 Worker Role
4.1 Adding External Phase Information
4.1.1 Progress State
4.1.2 Error Status
4.1.3 Effort Entry
4.1.4 Session Note

5 Concluding Remarks

6 Acronyms


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