GeoCue 2020 Release – Service Pack 3


GeoCue 2020 Service Pack (SP3) fixes several issues found with the GeoCue 2020 release covering a wide variety of issues. It is recommended that all users apply this service pack at the earliest convenience if already running GeoCue 2020, or immediately upon upgrading to GeoCue 2020. Users still working on previous versions of GeoCue are encouraged to upgrade to GeoCue 2020 SP3 at this time. Service packs are cumulative so they include the new features, modifications and fixes from all previous service packs. As always, ensure that your GeoCue database is backed up before beginning the process of applying a service pack, or upgrading versions. Regular backups of the GeoCue database should be a standard part of your company backup procedures and help protect against the loss of valuable information. 

If you are working on LAS files for ultimate delivery to the USGS be aware of the need to make a manual modification following the initial installation of GeoCue 2020, however, applying just this service pack should not require making these modifications again.


  1. Exit all GeoCue Clients and ensure that no background processing is being done on any GeoCue nodes.
  2. Download the service pack ZIP file from the following link and extract its contents to the GeoCue Common Folder as defined in Database Manager. Be sure to retain the folder names when extracting so that a “Service Packs” folder and other subfolders under it are created in the GeoCue Common Folder location.

GeoCue – Service Pack Version 2020.1.22.3 (37 MB)

  1. On the GeoCue Server Machine, run the extracted Install.exe from the appropriate folder under the “Service Packs\GeoCue Server” folder, being sure to use the “Right-click Run as Administrator” option.
  2. On each GeoCue Client node, browse All Programs -> GeoCue -> GeoCue Client -> Check for Service Packs and install the required service packs.
  3. Otherwise, on each GeoCue Client node, run GeoCue. GeoCue will exit immediately and you will be notified if any other service packs are available and prompted to install.
  4. Once the service packs are installed you may restart GeoCue and continue working.

Note- Local administrative privileges are required.


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