Modifying VERT_CS WKT for USGS

A recent USGS addendum to the LIDAR Base Specification has stated that “User-defined entities will not be allowed for capturing specific geoid information in the WKT”.

LP360 (v2015.1.76.15 through v2023.3.31.1)

Note: LP360 v2024.1.30.0 and natively supports the USGS requirements for the VERT_CS. No modifications are necessary in these versions.

For older versions, in order to remove this information from the VERT_CS WKT being included in LP360 generated WKTs it is necessary to replace the following file(s):

“C:\Program Files\Common Files\LP360\VerDatumWKTs.xml” (2017.2 Release and later)
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\LP360\VerDatumWKTs.xml” (2017.2 Release and later)
“C:\Program Files\Common Files\QCoherent\VerDatumWKTs.xml” (Prior to 2017.2 Release)
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\QCoherent\VerDatumWKTs.xml” (Prior to 2017.2 Release)

With the one you may download here

***Modified 05Jan2017 to fix order of UNIT,AXIS.
***Modified 22May2017 to add Geoid12B for ASVD02, GUVD04, NMVD03, PRVD02 and VIVD09.
***Modified 01Jan2018 to add DHHN92 and reorganize list.
***Modified 21Sep2018 to add AHD Geoid2020 to the list.
***Modified 04Mar2020 to add Geoid18 for NAVD88
***Modified 24Sep2020 to add Geoid18 for PRVD02 and VIVD09

(Depending on your browser you may need to right-click on the link and “Save as, VerDatumWKTs.xml”).

Important! Doing so will make the vertical PRJ file that you can export from LP360 incompatible with the LP360 ArcToolbox tools. You will not be able to use the Toolbox tools to generate the USGS preferred WKTs.

GeoCue (v2014 Service Pack 5 or later)

In order to remove this information that the USGS does not currently desire in the vertical CS WKT that is being generated by GeoCue it is necessary to modify the applicable vertical XML files to remove the “<m_strHeightModel>” tagged line. Be sure to remove the entire line. For example, to remove the extra keyword item from NAVD88 Geoid 12B ftUS:

  1. Browse to “‘GeoCue Common’\Coordinate Systems\Vertical\Orthometric\NAVD88”
  2. Copy the file “NAVD88 – Geoid12B (Feet).xml” to create a backup.
  3. Edit the file “NAVD88 – Geoid12B (Feet).xml”.
  4. Delete the entire line “<m_strHeightModel>US Geoid Model 2012B</m_strHeightModel>”
  5. Save the file.

For metres, repeat the same steps for “NAVD88 – Geoid12B (Meters).xml”.
For international feet, repeat the same steps for “NAVD88 – Geoid12B (Intl Feet).xml”.


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