DirectDrive broken with MSCE Update 16


As of MSCE Update 16, independent of the GeoCue or TerraScan versions, running either a DirectDrive or Process in TerraScan command in the LIDAR 1 CuePac of the GeoCue workflow management software will launch MicroStation CONNECT Edition and open the desired design file as per the settings, however, no project, working segment/project block, nor raster is loaded. This caused DirectDrive to appear broken. Investigating further shows a TerraScan project is correctly created in the machine’s GeoCue temp folder and tests showed MicroStation was ignoring the command line switch being used.

Probable Resolution #1:

In MicroStation CONNECT Edition update 16, released in June 2021, Bentley moved an Execute Startup Script preference from Technology Preview to Commercial release.

“If On, puts contents of the startup file into the command queue on startup.” Bentley MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help Preferences Dialog, Operations Category

Hence, when Off, which is the default value for this new preference setting, it will not put the contents of the GeoCue generated startup file into the command queue on startup, which then makes the GeoCue integration for “DirectDrive” and “Process in TerraScan” appear broken since they rely on the startup file in the command queue to initialize communication between the programs. In addition, Update 16, v10.16.00.80, also had a bug that didn’t honor the -S switch when there is no -M switch. This was resolved in Update 16.01, released in October 2021. Therefore Update 16, v10.16.00.80, is broken, but subsequent updates will work again with GeoCue once users manually enable this new Personal Preference in MicroStation -> File -> Settings -> User -> Preferences -> Operation for each user on a machine, including the GeoCue Dispatch service user. Or, configure for one user and then push the C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Bentley\MicroStation\10.0.0\prefs\Personal.upf, where %username% is the Windows login of the configured user, to each GeoCue user’s respective MSCE prefs folder.

Showing new personal preference setting in Bentley products that caused DirectDrive to be broken.

A similar change in the user preferences affects other supported Bentley applications, such as OpenCities Map (PowerView | Advanced | Ultimate) CONNECT Edition, Bentley PowerDraft CONNECT Edition, and Bentley ContextCapture Editor CONNECT Edition.


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