GeoCue RUN_ARCMAP additional command parameters

GeoCue includes a command for launching ESRI’s ArcMap product. This command is called “RUN_ARCMAP” and can be found on the Commands tab within Environment Builder. The checklist step can be customized using the following parameters, or additional parameters when configuring a checklist step to run the RUN_ARCMAP command.

To pass a file or group of files, such as shapefiles, to the command specify the FileGroup or FileAlias as a parameter:

-M <FileGroup|FileAlias>

To launch into a specific Arc environment pass the template MXD filename to the command by specifying the template MXD filename as a parameter:

-m <template MXD filename>

To launch LAS Working Segments into LP360 for ArcGIS such that the entities are read locked only use the following switch:




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