GPS Time Converter Utility

When Trajectory files are added into GeoCue, the properties that are displayed show the the start and end time of the file in GPS Week Seconds. If the GeoCue project is in Adjusted GPS Standard Time, then the GPS week is also displayed within the property field. The times are not displayed in Adjusted GPS Standard Time as the sensor trajectory formats do not typically support those timestamp values in their time fields.

Trajectory Information

Trajectory Information

This may be confusing if a user wants to see what the GPS Adjusted Standard Time is on the file. With this in mind there is a GPS Time Converter Utility that can be used to convert between different times. The utility can be used independent of GeoCue or it can be added directly into the program.

Executable Usage

The GPS Time Converter executable is installed with the GeoCue LIDAR 1 CuePac and is typically located under C:\Program Files\GeoCue\LIDAR 1 CuePac\GPSTimeConverter.exe. Optionally, you may download the utility from the knowledge base (20KB).

Once the dialog is opened a user has three options:

  1. Specify the Date/Time to determine Elapsed GPS Seconds and GPS Week/Seconds
  2. Specify the Elapsed GPS Seconds to determine Date/Time and GPS Week/Seconds
  3. Specify the GPS Week/Seconds to determine Elapsed GPS Seconds and Date/Time

After specifying the value in one of the fields click Update to update the information in the other fields

GPS Time Converter Executable

GPS Time Converter Executable

GeoCue Integration

In addition to manually launching the executable, GeoCue can also be configured to automatically launch the executable as a menu item.

To accomplish this first launch Environment Builder.

Create a Command

  1. Under the Commands Tab, select the New button
  2. Call the Command “GPS_TIME_CONVERTER”
  3. Check the box for Valid for Menu and deselect the box for Accepts Entities
  4. Specify the Executable location (C:\Program Files\GeoCue\LIDAR 1 CuePac\GPSTimeConverter.exe)
  5. Click OK to create the command

Add Executable to Menu

  1. To add the new command to a menu select the Menus tab
  2. Pick a menu to add the executable to, for instance Tools
  3. Click on Modify once the Tools Menu is selected
  4. Select the option for Create Menu Item
  5. Specify the Display Name and select the new Command that was created
  6. Click Apply Menu Item Settings and, if desired, move the tool within the list
  7. Click OK
  8. Re-open the Environment or GeoCue Client to see the new menu item

16Jun2020 – Updated this utility for the latest leapseconds known at the current moment and some fixes.


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  1. antoine says:

    Hello GeoCue,
    Have you ever encountered Framework issue when launching GPSTimeConverter.exe …?
    thanks for your feedbacks

      1. Please make sure that you are using Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.6.1. Note the .NET installation files are included
        with the GeoCue installation and can be installed while you are installing GeoCue

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