How to Recover a Floating Perpetual License?


My LP360 license is in use by a process that is no longer active. For instance, my machine shutdown unexpectedly and left my LP360 license locked. How do I recover a floating perpetual license? For subscription licenses, please refer to the How to Recover a Subscription License or LP360 Portal – License Management.

Probable Resolution #1:

The floating perpetual license will recover itself after a short period of time. Take a brief pause and try again in a few minutes. If you experienced a crash this wait time may be as long as approximately thirty minutes.

Probable Resolution #2:

  1. Have your LP360 License Administrator log into the Client Portal, or or, as specified in your license string.
  2. On the Dashboard tab, click on the icon in the Usage column.
Client Portal: Usage
  1. Then click Show Users beside the license in use to see the users and machines on which the licenses are checked out.
  2. Click on the red X to attempt a recovery of the license. Format is <username>@<machinename> 1 <LP360 Version>, out at month/year hour:minutes in US Central Time (ls24), US Eastern Time (ls60), or US Pacific Time (ls41).
Floating perpetual license usage as shown in the Client Portal.
Client Portal: Usage – Recover License
  1. On the confirmation page, “Remove lp360 license from user <username> on host <machinename> – Are you sure?”, select “Yes – Remove License”.
  2. Note: If the license is roamed, you may not recover it.

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