How to Recover a Subscription License?


My LP360 license is in use by a process that is no longer active. For instance, my machine shutdown unexpectedly and left my LP360 license locked. How do I recover a Subscription license? For Floating perpetual licenses, please refer to the How to Recover a Floating Perpetual License?.

Probable Resolution #1:

The Subscription license will recover itself after a short period of time. Take a brief pause and try again after 20-30 minutes. If you experienced a crash, this wait time may be as long as approximately thirty minutes.

Probable Resolution #2:

Have your LP360 Administrator log into the LP360 Portal to release the license.

If a subscription desktop license is in use and you wish to release it, you can. This is useful in case a license gets stuck or multiple users are trying to access the same product and someone forgot to check a license back in.

Go to “Organization”–> “Details”–> Release the license

Subscription license usage shown in the LP360 Portal
Release license

Releasing a license will not stop a user from continuing to use a product in the future. The only way to stop a user from using a license is to remove the individual’s access to the organization from the “Users” section.


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