Importing Control/Check Points into LP360

Platform: LP360 (Standalone)
Minimum Licensing: Standard, sUAS
Version: 2017.1 or higher
Date: 15 September 2018


This note describes importing control and/or check points in text format into LP360 for use in accuracy assessment.

We distinguish these points as:

  • Control Point – A point that was used in the modeling process. It generally should not be included in accuracy assessment.
  • Check Point – A point that was not used in the modeling process and can therefore be used as a point to check accuracy.

The “native” feature file format for LP360 is Shape. If your control/check point file is in Shape format, you can simply import the file using the Feature import tool of LP360. If the file is in text (“ASCII1”) format, you will need to use the import tool of LP360 to convert this file to Shape.

You will need the points in the same Spatial Reference System (SRS) as the point cloud and/or image data in the project. LP360 allows you to convert the SRS on import so it is not necessary to use an external tool for this. Setting and converting SRS is described in a separate document.

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