LAS v1.4 Conversion

If you are involved in airborne LIDAR workflows in North America, you will immediately understand the value of supporting LAS Version 1.4, Point Data Record Format 6 for your end-to-end workflow as this will be the required deliverable format for the USGS 3D Elevation Program. Of course, this will drive all standard airborne LIDAR deliverables in North America so it will be critical for you to move to using LAS version 1.4, PDRF 6. If you are a current airborne LIDAR data provider you will want to optimize a seamless LAS V1.4 workflow across your production. We will provide an overview of the LAS 1.4 workflow using GeoCue/Terrasolid/LP360 as examples for processing data in LAS 1.1 – LAS 1.4, including ensuring a compliant LAS 1.4 for final delivery. Tips, tricks and pitfalls to avoid will be covered.

Webinar for “GeoCue Presents: Implementing LAS V1.4 Support in Airborne LIDAR Workflows

PowerPoint Presentation for LAS v1.4 Conversion Webinar

For more detail on the conversion between LAS v1.2 and LAS v1.4 please see our CueTip, “Working with LAS v1.4 Files in GeoCue”.


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