LP360 Under the Hood: Cross-sections

As we outlined in a previous “LP360 – Under the Hood”, we have added volumetric analysis to LP360. This feature was first released with 2013.2 at the end of last year with an enhanced version in our recent Experimental (EXP) release.
An important element of the analysis associated with volumes is the generation of cross-sections. We have had this function as a tool in LP360 for ArcGIS for some time. This cross section tool allowed one to specify a feature as the “alignment” path, define a spacing for cross sections along the alignment (e.g. every 5 meters) and the length of each cross section. As noted in a previous edition of our newsletter, we aim to move functions such as this to our Point Cloud Task (PCT) engine in LP360. Moving to a PCT allows functions to be chained together into “macros”, resulting in more streamlined, powerful analysis.

LP360 Under the Hood Cross sections


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