Metashape: No Photos Selected when Filtering Photos by Marker


You have imported your control points into Metashape, but when you filter by marker, no photos are selected by the filter and are not visible in the photos pane.

Probable Resolution #1:

You have not run the alignment step. Run the alignment step first, then filter photos by marker.

Probable Resolution #2

The vertical datum of your images and control points are different. If your images were tagged with Loki, check the vertical datum in ASPSuite and verify that it matches the same datum as your control points. The elevation difference between ellipsoid and geoid can cause Metashape to determine that the control points are not visible in the images.

Probable Resolution #3:

The units of the images are not the same as the units for the control points. If the image elevations are in meters and the control points are in feet, then Metashape will incorrectly determine that the control points are not visible in the image. Convert the image positions to the same coordinate system and units as the control points.

Probable Resolution #4:

If you are not using Loki to correct your image positions, your image elevations could be tagged incorrectly. Check the image elevations to see if they are below your control point elevations. If the images are below the control points, you will need to adjust the image elevations so they are the correct altitude above the control points. Use ASPSuite to adjust the image elevations when not using Loki.


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