Operating Systems – Should you upgrade?

I recently moved up to a new engineering laptop computer (the new Dell M3800). This is a typical engineering grade laptop with high resolution display, NVidia graphics and GPU, 8 core processor and so forth. This system shipped from Dell with Windows 7 Professional Operating System (OS) rather than Windows 8.1. I found that rather curious; after all, Windows 8 has been around for a while and the M3800 has a touch screen. Now why it has a touch screen is beyond me since it has no tablet mechanical configuration but that’s another story.
Anyway, I decided to reformat this machine to Windows 8.1. I had read several articles indicating that Windows 8.1 has better multi-display support than does Windows 7 and, besides, I wanted to ensure that LP360 was getting a thorough test under this configuration since Windows 7 Ultimate is our standard corporate OS.

Operating Systems Should you upgrade


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