POSPacCloud: Poll Execution Status Timedout


Executing POSPacCloud to process a 3DIS, 2DIS, or guest sensor trajectory the process may run for an unusually long time and eventually show an error, “Poll Execution Status Timedout”. True View EVO is then locked on this error message and needs to be closed out using Task Manager.

The POSPac processing log will show:

"status": "SUCCESS",
"message": "Project status retrieved",
"data": {
"projectId": "5eeb9424713110406baf8fd2", "projectName": "_C200604_212555", "projectStatus": "POLL_EXECUTION_STATUS_TIMEDOUT", "statusType": "FAILURE"

Probable Resolution #1:

This Poll Execution Status Timedout error message may be encountered if there is a problem with the POSPacCloud servers. Verify the services are online with no issue by checking the Applanix POSPac Cloud status page.

If the services are offline, check the status again later before re-submitting you data for processing.

If the services are online, verify you have a good internet connection and contact support@airgon.com to have your data verified before submitting again.


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