Powerlines Extractor Point Cloud Task

Available at the LP360 Advanced or True View EVO license levels.

The Powerlines Extractor PCT extracts power line catenaries from the point cloud, with options to classify points and vectorize the catenaries. This new PCT is in active development and may change before its final version.

  • Automatically classifies wires to the user selected output classification
  • Models a catenary feature set with a constrained fit to the wires
  • Topologically connects span catenaries if their ends are “close.” This topological connection ensures:
    • Connected spans have the same X, Y, Z end vertex coordinates. 
    • Spans still obey the catenary equation after connection
Shows Powerline Extractor PCT results
Example Powerline Extractor PCT Results

To execute, the Powerlines Extractor PCT requires a guide line. This guide line must have a vertex at the approximate tower location and no vertices between towers. For short sections, you can just use the PCT Execute by Line tool. For long sections, it is more convenient to create the guide line using Feature Edit tools, such as importing known structure locations and creating a line from them. Then use the Execute by Feature Layer.
The I/O settings should be self explanatory. The remaining settings are as follows:

  • Corridor Width: The width centered on the digitized or supplied line in which to search for catenaries. This is an important parameter.
  • Min. Height from Ground: This PCT does not require ground to be classified first, but uses the minimum height from ground as a criteria for which source points to consider when searching for catenaries. This is also an important parameter.
  • Void Space: Expected gaps between groups of points that would define a catenary. This option may not remain in the final version of this PCT.
  • Nonvoid Space: The thickness of the group in the point cloud that would define a catenary. This option may not remain in the final version of this PCT.
  • Wire thickness: Size of the wire to be extracted. This option may not remain in the final version of this PCT.
  • Vertex Spacing: Desired spacing of vertices along the generated catenary feature. This option may not remain in the final version of this PCT.
Powerlines Extractor PCT Groups Options
Powerlines Extractor PCT Groups Options

The group functions, Classify with Groups, and Save as Feature Groups, attempts to group wires into related categories. We currently support from 1 to 5 groupings. Think of an H-frame structure arrangement, where the topmost two shield wires would comprise the shield or “Guard” group, the lower three wires would then comprise the “Phase” group.
The newly added Edit Powerline Feature feature edit tool allows one to grab an end point, say a dead end, or two features where they intersect (intersection of two running wires at the structure) and manually move them to a location you see as a better fit for the attachment while maintaining the catenary of the feature.

See the Power Line Extrator in action to identify encroachments on power lines quickly and efficiently.


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