Set LP360 License Level

The recent service pack release of LP360 for ArcGIS, version 2014.1.51.1, now gives a Windows user with even just basic permissions the ability to change the LP360 license level if all licenses at the currently desired license level in the LP360 License Administrator are unavailable.

Users of LP360 for Windows are currently able to run the program using either a Viewer license, or by changing the license version directly within LP360 for Windows, via the License Type menu, at any time. Previously, a Windows user with Administrator level permissions was required in order to change the desired LP360 license level via the License Administrator program for use by LP360 for ArcGIS.

The option to change license levels for a Windows user with basic permissions has now been added to LP360 for ArcGIS. In the following example, an LP360 Advanced Level License has been set-up for the user’s machine as the desired level. The company the user works for though, only has one Advanced License, and someone currently already has it checked out. When the user opens LP360 for ArcGIS the following dialog will appear saying, “Authentication Failed”.

Set LP360 License Level


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