New Features in LP360 2014.1

As I looked over previous issues of GeoCue Group News, I noticed that we announced in June that we would release LP360 2014.1 in late July! Well, obviously that did not happen. I made the decision in July to postpone the release while we added tools to measure LIDAR vertical accuracy and orthophoto horizontal accuracy in accordance with the latest American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) geospatial accuracy specification. Unfortunately, the draft version of this standard has not yet been approved. Therefore, we are releasing LP360 with tools compliant with the June 2014 draft of the spec. If it changes, we will modify our reporting and update LP360 in a service pack release.
As I look back over the significant new features that we have added with 2014, I see that our foci were improving the Point Cloud Task (PCT) tools and adding capability to support point clouds derived from dense image matching. This latter work is primarily in support of data collected with small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS). Part of the work in support of sUAS workflows has been to add many of the features that were previously only in the LP360 ArcGIS extension to the 64-bit standalone Windows version of LP360. This was done because many of the users of sUAS are from the surveying community where GIS tools are not often standard kit. As we move forward in time, we will continue to bring the two version of LP360 (ArcGIS extension and 64 bit standalone) into parity.

New Features in LP 360 2014.1


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