Terminating Task in Dispatch Manager


The following error may be encountered while attempting to terminate a task in the Dispatch Manager:

“An error occurred terminating the selected tasks. Detailed Description: System.NullReferenceException: Object not set to an instance of an object. …”

Dispatch Manager Error



Errant tasks such as this can be deleted from the system through the use of the RepositoryDriver.exe. If this tool is not used with care, then data loss could result.

Before proceeding, it is strongly recommended to:

  1. Complete all tasks.
  2. Backup the database.

In C:\Program Files\GeoCue\GeoCue Server there is a utility called RepositoryDriver.exe.

Right-click on the RepositoryDriver.exe, and select “Run as Administrator”.

RepositoryDriver location

In the Master Repository Driver dialog, select the “Tasks” button:

Master Repository Driver dialog

In the Tasks dialog, select the task (one at a time) in the list and select the “Delete” button.

If error messages pop up during this process, select continue.

Tasks dialog


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