True View UMS Requirements

The True View UMS (USB Mass Storage) device should meet the following requirements to be used on the system.

TrueView Systems 435vB, 515vB, 535, 655/660, 680, and 720

  1. The TV535 system allows for direct streaming to the UMS GeoCue provides, allowing for rapid data transfer during the flight. The data is available to the user on the UMS shortly after flight with the TV 535 system.
    • Note: Setting can be altered using the WebUI.
  2. For all other systems (435vB, 515vB, 655/660, 680, and 720), it is recommended to not fly with the UMS inserted and to configure your sensor to save data internally using the TrueView Web UI. After the flight is complete the user will need to power the system down and then insert the UMS. Once the power has been cycled the data will be transferred from the internal storage to the UMS.
    • The user will also have to format their desired external storage device to FAT32 format. Keep in mind the default windows tool will not format a device above 32Gb. We recommend using the Ridgecrop Consultant formatting tool for external storage devices larger than 32Gb.
    • A user can use NTFS format, however the data transfer rate will be sluggish compared to a FAT32 format.
    • ExFAT is not a compatible storage format.

Note: Once the data has been moved to the UMS, it is no longer stored in the internal storage. Please keep this in mind for your data storage requirements.

WARNING: Do not place SD cards in cameras for the above TrueView Systems. Inserting an SD card will cause system to operate incorrectly & will not collect images.

TrueView Systems 515vA, 410, 250, 435vA, and 6xx-645

  1. USB-C connection 3.1 or better
  2. Format:
    1. ExFAT after updating firmware to v3.0.7.1 or later.
    2. NTFS after updating firmware to v2.0.3 through v3.0.5.2.
    3. FAT32 format for firmware pre v2.0.3.
  3. 114 GB minimum capacity
  4. Need “SystemConfiguration.json” and “CoreConfiguration.json” files on the drive during operation.  
Example UMS Supplied with True View Systems

True View Camera SD Cards

  1. Format:
    1. 32GB card – FAT32
    2. 64GB or larger card – ExFAT
  2. Minimum recommended read speed: 270 MB/s
  3. Minimum recommended write speed: 70 MB/s
  4. SD Cards should be formatted using the built in format option in the CCF for CCU firmware v3.0.7.1 or later with camera firmware v00.72.01, or the SD Card Formatter utility, not the Windows OS format utility for earlier CCU firmware.
    1. In CCFSection8, set both the “CameraStorageFormat” and “CamereStorageFormatConfirm” to true in the CCF on the UMS.
    2. Start the system to format the camera SD Cards during initialization.
    3. Both the “CameraStorageFormat” and “CamereStorageFormatConfirm” in the CCF will be set back to false during startup.  
Example Camera SD Cards Supplied with True View Systems

Please refer to the Hardware Users Guide for more information.


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