TrueView Web UI User Guide

The TrueView Web User Interface provides a user interface (UI) of the TrueView payload through any standard web browser. With this interface the user can monitor the system operation, readiness for data collection, and change settings. It also helps with troubleshooting by providing additional information about errors and issues. For installation and operation of your TrueView 3DIS, please refer to the hardware users guide for your applicable model number. This UI is available for the TrueView 435vB, TrueView 515vB, TrueView 535, TrueView 655, TrueView 660, TrueView 680, and TrueView 720 running the latest firmware.

TrueView Web UI main screen
Figure 1 – Main screen
TrueView Web UI settings screen
Figure 2 – Settings screen

Table of Contents

TrueView Web UI Main Screen	2
Additional TrueView Web UI main screen settings	3
Target storage	4
TrueView Web UI System settings	5
System	5
Enable camera	5
Save directly to UMS	5
Proximity Mode	6
GNSS Lever Arm	6
Home	6
Save & Reboot	6
Establish a connection	7
Wi-Fi Connection	7
Ethernet connection	8
Support	9
List of tables	10
List of figures	10

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