TVDataChecker is a preliminary command line tool made available in True View EVO, v2020.1.71.0 and later, to verify the content of the laser.bin file acquired by the True View 410. This tool will eventually be integrated into EVO in a manner to make it easier to run and with better feedback to the user. In the mean time it serves as a preliminary field check utility for your True View 410 laser data.

Running TVDataChecker

The simplest way to run the TVDataChecker is to create a batch file on your desktop, then drag and drop the laser.bin file from the Cycle_YYMMDD_HHMMSS\Flight_YYMMDD_HHMMSS\Laser1 folder onto the batch file. This produces a laser.txt report file in the same folder, while also displaying the results in a command window.


Copy the two lines below to a text file and save the text file as TVDataChecker.bat. Ensure that it has a .bat extension and not a .txt.

"C:\Program Files\Common Files\LP360\TVDataCheck.exe" %1

TVDataChecker QC Results

Review the contents of the laser.txt file to see if there are any concerns prior to leaving the job site.

Normal Flight

  • A normal flight will have no spin direction change after the LIDAR start time.
  • No timing anomalies after LIDAR start time
  • LIDAR should begin less than 30 seconds after mission.
  • No warning messages
TVDataChecker – Normal Flight Results

Late Start for LIDAR

  • LIDAR doesn’t start until after mission has started.
  • Results in loss of data for the beginning of the flight.
  • Can be identified by looking at “LIDAR begin After mission” entry.
    • Should be 30 seconds or less.
TVDataChecker – Late Start for Laser Data
  • New Firmware should now detect this.
    • SYS LED will turn red, user should cycle the power switch.
Battery LED is Green, GNSS LED is Green, SYS LED is Red = Hard Fault

Spin Reversal

  • The laser scanner reverses spin direction during flight.
  • May result in large semi-circle patterns in the LIDAR data.
  • Can be identified by “Spin reversal” after the LIDAR start time.
TVDataChecker – Spin Reversal

Data Gap

  • LIDAR packets are not recorded for a section of the flight.
  • Results in missing data in section(s) the flight.
  • Can be identified by timing anomaly and interval after LIDAR start time.
TVDataChecker – Data Gap

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