Updating Local POSPac UAV Installation

There are a few things to keep in mind when updating the local Applanix POSPac UAV installation. The process for updating is relatively simple, but there are a few wrinkles to keep in mind when updating so that no issues are encountered by the user. Install the POSPac update ONLY after installing the TV EVO update. Compatibility list is at the bottom of the article.

Note: Please keep in mind that users must update to POSPac version 8.5 when after updating to True View EVO version 2020.2.22.0 or newer. 8.5 includes numerous bug fixes and features (additional geoids, etc.) This update will only affect users that run POSPac locally. For users running POSPac Cloud, no update is required.

  1. First, make sure that the user is installing the update using “Run As Administrator” (RAA) when starting the process. This is standard practice for installing executables in the Windows 10 environment.
  2. The user must install POSPac UAV and the Software License Utility (SLU – only on the server machine) pieces. Current version for each is 8.5. These are available in the POSPac folder on our FTP site with GeoCue provided credentials.
  3. On the license server machine, when updating the license in the “Software License Utility” (SLU), change the license version from 8.4 to 8.5 when using 8.5 for the first time. After installation: open SLU, select POSPac licenses, enter “8.5” value to the right of the “Upgrade License” button, and click on the “Upgrade License” button. The version should change to 8.5.
POSPac SLU: Updating License Version

Note: The user must be on current software maintenance to update TV EVO and POSPac UAV versions.

For more information regarding POSPac installation and licensing, please refer to the TV EVO Users Guide or contact GeoCue Support.

Compatibility Chart

TV EVO VersionPOSPac UAV Version
2019.2.44.0 – 2020.
2020.2.10.0 and newer8.5


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