Using Neighbours when Running Macros

Only when running TerraScan macros on a project in TerraScan or through GeoCue’s LIDAR 1 CuePac can an overedge region be specified. The macro loads points from neighbor tiles to:

  • support the algorithms
  • maintain continuity between data files, such as providing for a continuous surface at the block edge

Should be done when doing routines that require information about neighboring points, such as:

  • Ground Classification
  • Smoothen
  • Key Point routines (Model and Contour)

Specifying an overedge amount for neighbors will cause TerraScan to load points from adjacent tiles and use them in the classification.

  • Points in neighbor tiles are not reclassified
  • A minimum of 10% neighbors should be used
  • Some routines require more neighbors, as does some terrain
    • For instance, the minimum building size provides a good rule of thumb for the ground routine as it dictates the initial surface which must underlay all points in the block for them to be considered for classification.

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