A Conversation with the City of Boulder, Colorado: Pre and Post Flood Event LIDAR Discussion

Mr. Chris Trice, Sr. GIS Specialist City of Boulder and Lewis Graham, CTO GeoCue Group, recently presented a webinar on the topological impact of the recent flooding in Boulder, Colorado. This extremely popular webinar (around 300 attended) included an informal discussion of the flood event as well as some insight into the acquisition of both the pre and post event LIDAR. After some background explanation about the activities leading up to the flood event and some of the unique challenges of the area due to terrain features, the discussion turned to how to use LP360 to analyze the LIDAR data by comparing and contrasting the pre and post data. To begin with, a synoptic view of the change was assessed by creating a gridded difference of the two LIDAR data layers. This synoptic view is a good way to discover areas that experienced the most change and therefore need to be investigated.  Throughout this discussion several techniques were demonstrated to further investigate and quantify the results of the flood event including cross section series and a volumetric analysis.  If you missed this very informative discussion please follow the link below to view a recording of this webinar

A Conversation with the City of Boulder


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