How to Add Reckon User for LP360 Drone Processing

In order for someone in your company to be able to process data in LP360 Drone/TrueView Evo using the POSPacCloud option they have to be setup as a user in the TrueView Reckon Portal. A user can have one of four roles: 

  • True View Processors – This role is only available to accounts associated with a True View system. This user has access to a company’s TrueView Points.  This user can also access and download data from the Reckon website.
  • Editor – An editor has access to the Redline functionality of Reckon.  Redlining provides the ability to create, edit, and publish geometries with attributes.  Redlines can be used to communicate work to be done with a service provider (i.e., defining boundary area for data to be acquired from vendor), edit existing features, create new features, and download as ESRI shape file for use in other applications.
  • Administrator – Administrators have full access to a company site.  They have the ability to add, delete and edit users, and establish groups. They also have the ability to customize a company’s site by adding a company logo.
  • Viewer – A viewer is only able to access a site to view and download reports.  They do not have the ability to edit or see redlines. This can be assigned by simply leaving all boxes unchecked.

First, navigate to, along with a forward slash and your company’s name (Example: If you need the Company URL associated with your Reckon account, please contact GeoCue Support.

Then, select the Users tab at the top of the webpage.

Figure 1 – Users Tab in Reckon web portal

Next, scroll to the bottom and select New User

Figure 2 – New User button on Users tab in Reckon web portal

Input the user’s information into the dialog that pops up. This includes both their email, and the role you would like to assign them.

Figure 3 – Add New User dialogue in Reckon Web Portal

For v2021.1.47.0 and later, there is a universal login in the upper right of the LP360 Drone main frame (Figure 4). For Reckon, this login is currently separate from your license credentials, but are the same credentials for users with LP360 Online.

Unified online login for LP360 online and Reckon
Figure 4 – Unified Online Login

The login string shows information about the login in the following format:

email of logged in user (Account) [Point balance]

To sign in or change Reckon Accounts, the user left clicks on the login bar, opening the Online Account Sign In dialog (Figure 5).

For LP360 Online, the user should be automatically signed in using their licensing credentials.

For TrueView Reckon, after keying in an email address and associated password, select Load Accounts to populate the Account dropdown with all Reckon Accounts for which this e-mail/password combination is a current user. If you have multiple Reckon accounts, change your password in each account to match so you can use one unified e-mail password combination and easily switch between accounts.

LP360 Online vs Reckon login
Figure 5 – Online Account Sign In dialog

For versions of EVO prior to v2021.1.24.0, the user then:

  1. Configures the company settings in TrueView EVO.
  2. Enters their e-mail address and password on the Create Post Processed Trajectory File dialog when processing True View data.

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