Applanix SMARTBase

In True View EVO, the user has a number of options for post-processing the trajectory solution for a True View 410. Applanix SMARTBase is one method that requires no local base station, and produces centimeter level accuracy in network.

Figure 1 – POS Post-Processing Options

What is SMARTBase?

Applanix SMARTBase is a web service that uses existing ephemeris data from public base station infrastructure around the world to generate a virtual base station at your trajectory. SMARTBase FAQs.

SMARTBase Specifications

Availability Dependent on the surrounding CORS stations for the solution. This could be available shortly after the flight, usually shortly past the hour, or could take up to 24 hours for the CORS station data to become available for download. 
Horizontal Accuracy 2-5cm *APX-15 UAV Spec Sheet
Vertical Accuracy 2-5cm *APX-15 UAV Spec Sheet
Mission Duration No restrictions

Note: The accuracy for single base and SMARTbase is similar if the network of base stations for the SMARTbase are nicely distributed and the baseline is not too far. Applanix algorithms do the best they can with the available base station data to compute your virtual SmartBase station. They do not control the base station data and as a result cannot offer any accuracy guarantees.

Where is SMARTBase Available?

SMARTBase Cloud Registration

Before checking if SMARTBase is available to process your True View flight you will need to register for an Applanix SMARTBase Cloud Account.

Figure 2 – Registering for SMARTBase Cloud for a True View 410

Using SMARTBase Cloud with True View

  1. Log into your SMARTBase Cloud account
  2. Check for project coverage.
    1. If planning a mission, draw the area on the map using a polygon or polyline, or import a central point for the UAV project area.
    2. If checking a flown mission:
      1. Select Import Trajectory (Figure 3)
      2. Browse for the Cycle_YYMMDD_HHMMSS\System\CyclePath.CSV file
      3. Select Preview SMARTBase
      4. Review the result (Figure 4)
Figure 3 – SMARTBase Cloud – Import Trajectory
Figure 4 – SMARTBase Cloud Result Not suitable

If the SMARTBase Cloud results show SMARTBase as not being suitable for your project, or if you prefer, you may still use the interface to locate and download (Figure 5) a suitable CORS station to use for processing in Single Base mode.

Figure 5 – SmartBase Cloud – Get Station Data

True View Operational Considerations

Verify the complete project area falls within the network formed by the surrounding CORS in order to achieve desired accuracies.


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