GeoCue Project Data Archives

Once GeoCue projects have been completed and the physical project data is no longer required, the data can be removed from the server system using typical IT backup procedures (for instance backing the data up on tapes). It is always recommended that the GeoCue Project Folder layout is copied identical during the backup process. Keeping the folder structure identical will make restoring the data, if need be, much more seamless.

During the physical backup process, the actual information stored within GeoCue is not affected. Projects and their contents stay the same regardless of where the data is that goes with the project. What does change is the network path information that is stored in the GeoCue database. If the data is moved from the location that was specified in GeoCue then GeoCue will not be able to read that information if a user were to re-open that project.

Keeping that a mind if a user needs to get back into a GeoCue project that has had data archived there are two options at that point with respect to getting the GeoCue project to sync with the physical data location.

1) Restore the backed up data to the same physical location as it was originally stored on during the project. This will keep all the project network path information that is stored within GeoCue the same.

2) Restore the backed up data to a different physical location. This option will require the user to run PathChanger.exe, in order to update the corresponding GeoCue project with the new network path information.


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