Trajectories for Run Macro Step


When running a macro through TerraSlave from GeoCue, routines that depend upon trajectory information can fail to return any results.  These routines include “Cut Overlap-Cut by Offset option” and “Apply Corrections”.


When assigning and running a macro through TerraSlave from GeoCue, there is no setting to select which trajectory layer to use as there is when running DirectDrive or Process in TerraScan. Hence, GeoCue defaults to the trajectory layer with the lowest layer ID. This could cause the wrong trajectory information to be used in that macro process, causing the null, or lower than expected returns.

The middle trajectory layer has the lowest Layer ID Number


Ensure that the desired trajectory layer is the lowest number available in the TOC. The recommended practice is to have the first trajectory layer created  in a project contain all of the trajectories for the project. Should you desire individual layers, which is helpful for project management, etc., create those separately on layers after the initial one.



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