Trimble R12i Base Station Error in POSPac


During sensor trajectory processing, POSPac fails with an unexpected error if a Trimble R12i base station T04 file is used, showing the error, “Error in 81196f9b39144c98ad71538c0c437545STDERR bpointID Parameter name Could not set the base station position because a station with ID DEFAULT was not found in the project. Batch error project … failed to process check log“.

Picture showing the Trimble R12i Base station
Trimble R12i Base station

Probable Resolution #1:

Disable the INS on the Trimble R12i

Before using the base station, disable the INS. Once that is done POSPac will accept the base station file in either the .T04 or RINEX format.

How to disable the INS:

Information extracted from the Trimble R12i user manual, page 43.

Receiver Configuration menu
Use the Receiver Configuration menu to configure such settings as elevation mask and
PDOP mask, the reference station position, the reference station name and code, and to
enable or disable INS.

Probable Resolution #2

Convert the Trimble R12i .T04 file to RINEX

The second option is to convert the .T04 file to RINEX. Once that is done POSPac will accept the base station file.


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